Method Cards of Cleaning – Siivoustyön menetelmäkortit englanninkielisenä


This book is a partial translation of Siivoustyön menetelmäkortit

(“The Method Cards for Cleaning Work”).

The book covers the cleaning methods in a way that helps the reader to learn the relevant work tasks.The method cards explain the most common forms of maintenance cleaning. In many cleaning tasks no particular way is the absolutely best one, so one can change the way of cleaning according to the demands of the site cleaned. The method cards show also how ergonomics, safety and environmental aspects should be dealt with during cleaning work.The book is written to meet the requirements of cleaners and students who study professional cleaning, but it will also be of value to supervisors and managers who are responsible for guidance of new employees.The text is both in English and in Finnish. We hope this will help in learning and teaching of cleaning methods and in shared understanding of them.


Siivoustyön menetelmäkortit sisältävät käsi- ja konemenetelmin tehtäviä pintojen, kohteiden ja tilojen puhdistus-, hoito- ja suojausmenetelmiä. Menetelmäkortit soveltuvat työtekijöiden perehdytyksen ja opastuksen tueksi, ammatilliseen koulutukseen ja itseopiskeluun.

Menetelmäkortit englanninkielisenä saatavilla Puhtausalan verkkokaupasta.